No Travel Does Not Mean No Travel Planning

As a result of the Covid-19 Pandemic and global, national, regional and local travel restrictions, many of us around the world have spent the last month or so dreaming of the destinations we wish we were at or could get to…… it all seemed too easy when it was on tap, but take it away and our desire is heightened to do what we are told not to! Especially right at the start of our Winter travel season in Australia to all our remote Desert and Far North destinations. Where the great Aussie migration north in search of warmer weather takes place, the restrictions have scuppered plans to do that seasonal trip or that once in a lifetime tour. The great thing about our tech crazy world today is we can travel anywhere in the world from the seat of our office or the couch in the TV room. But, there is nothing like the smell of damp wood fire early on a crisp morning in the Simpson Desert or the insect noise rising to unbearable levels as dusk settles on the banks of the Annie River in Cape York. This can only truly be experienced in person.

Here at KKHQ we thought we would throw some novel idea’s around to get you thinking about that remote getaway in your Kimberley, be it the Far North, the cold South, the stunning desert or simply 15 min from home in the local Caravan Park.

Please take the time to truly think and participate in the following dream enhancing framework…

Create a BUCKET LIST of destinations you would like to travel to post Covid-19!

Categorise and rank these for more clarity into perhaps-:
– Destination / Experience Desired / Reason for Travel
– Set a time line to do it!

Create a list of the TOP 5 items you will now take travelling after Covid-19

  • Hand Sanitiser (lots of it)
  • Measuring tape (to keep people at least 1.5m away)
  • NP95 Face Mask (if your neighbour is sneezing)
  • Laser Thermal Temperature gauge – take all visitors temperatures before inviting them over for wine
  • Zoom App loaded on all devices – To conference call any one important enough to warrant your attention

Set a time line to do it!

5 CRITICAL Questions to ask how the Covid-19 Pandemic affected your travel philosophy

  • Are you less inclined to travel abroad for the next few years?
  • Are you inclined to explore our own back yard a lot more? (a big backyard)
  • Do you want to get more off the beaten track, more remote?
  • Do you wish to be more self-sufficient and off grid?
  • Do you need more technological connectivity and work remote a lot more?
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