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Suspension innovation is probably the most important factor in a 4WD’s off-road superiority.

You can travel on virtually any road with any suspension – we often see travellers tackle difficult tracks in Cape York towing a low-cost box trailer and tent.

However, the poorer the suspension, the slower you will need to travel and take less load. It is all about energy. It is also about stability.

The faster you travel and the heavier the caravan, the more important it is to have good suspension.

If you want to travel long distances on the highway and then long distances in difficult off-road conditions with off-road caravans and camper trailers, then you should understand the impact of suspension design.

You deserve to have the smoothest travel with the best stability and the lowest fuel consumption possible… at the best pace! There are many design variables to support this, but none has a greater impact than suspension design.

Kimberley Karavan

Great suspension design can’t be done alone on a drawing board; it needs analysis of a dynamic model with the vehicle to get the “design constraints” right. This is something few manufacturers understand.

The core question then when investigating your travel requirements is to ask just how much of Australia do you want to experience? “Experience” is more than just looking. It is not just soaking up the beauty of Australia, it is also living and sharing experiences.

Kimberley Karavan

Are trailers, caravans and campers trailer different in their design requirements to 4WDs?

Yes, absolutely.

The differences are so great, there are few vehicle suspension experts who understand the nature of a towed trailer.

Kimberley started by studying the theory of suspension in commercial trailers which is a closer starting point than most people realize.

Our motto on innovation is: “Without understanding the theory, experience will not teach”. So, it has taken years of experience layered on top of the theory of suspension in trailers to get to this point.

We believe you can’t “add on” top of the line suspension. It has to be part of the design right from the beginning – something we pride ourselves on.

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